I’m a bit confused by the fact that I love Christopher Chant more and more even as I reread the exact same passages. I suppose I must have felt this way about Vetinari too, but I don’t really remember. I’m pretty sure I never said anything like ‘Christopher Chant, no!’ to Lord Vetinari.

Speaking of which, I’m beginning to think that if Lord Vetinari was less stern with himself and had any inclination to be vain and sentimental at all, he would most certainly end up very much like Christopher Chant. Perhaps that’s why I like Christopher so much.

Although my friends need not fear because I don’t think anybody could take the place of Havelock Vetinari in my heart. Maybe I’m just growing up and being less whimsical and more steadfast in my opinion on things, but I used to change favourites at the drop of a hat. Vetinari’s been my favourite for almost three years now without a close rival.

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To everyone following me for the giveaway … I much prefer you followed xy-trade. I don’t post much and don’t need the followers. You don’t get an extra entry if you follow me and xy-trade. If you follow both + reblog, you still only get two entries.

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So I’ve been on Reddit for about a month now and have amassed a very nice collection of nicknameable shinies from SV-matching giveaways. So I thought I’d do a ~nicknameable shinies giveaway~!

About the Pokemon:

1. These Pokemon’s ESVs matched my TSV and were given to me and I hatched them shiny.

2. Their IVs are precisely as marked.

3. They all have my OT and ID: Shadow, 59728.

4. They are all cloned.

5. If you have a problem with any of this, don’t enter.


1. Reblog for one entry. Only reblog once.

2. You don’t have to follow me to be eligible, but if you do, or if you follow xy-trade, then you get one extra entry. Those with an active trade on xy-trade who don’t follow the blog also qualify for this condition.

3. You must want to give a nickname to the Pokemon you receive. That’s the theme of the giveaway after all! If you tell me you don’t want a nickname, I will immediately move on to the next winner.

4. You must have a 3DS and be willing to exchange friend codes, etc.

5. First winner gets first pick of one shiny, second winner picks one from the remaining, etc. for a total of six winners.

6. This giveaway ends on Tuesday, 7th of October.

7. If you want one of these Pokes but are not a winner, feel free to make me an offer. I warn you though, I only like rare ball females and I have almost 300 of them now so the offer better be good ;)

That’s it, good luck everyone!

PS: If you don’t know what TSV hatching is, check this or this. I don’t consider SV hatching or cloning cheating in the least so these Pokemon are 100% legitimate.

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ok but does anyone else ever just

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676. Lots of things may just exist in your head, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t real. (suggested by ) || 'The wee free men'

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You know, I can’t wholeheartedly say I approve of Chrestomanci’s indiscriminating sarcasm. To terrify even children like that … it’s not very good of Christopher, I should think.

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'So you were thrown away,' snapped Granny. 'So what? She's hardly more than a child, and children throw us all away sooner or later.'
—Terry Pratchett, “Equal Rites”
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He seized the hem of his robe and wrung it out wretchedly, then he reached for his tobacco pouch. It was a nice green waterproof one.

That meant that all the rain that had got into it couldn’t get out again.
—Terry Pratchett, “Equal Rites
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You know that moment when you try to do something on Pokebank and save and it gives you an error message and you just want to scream

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the scalene triangle

reblog if u a tru 2012 kid

what’s francieum???

they are forgetting

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